Lisanne  Thomas, PCC, NBC-HWC - ADHD ✨ Life ✨ Health + Wellness ✨ Solution-Focused Brief✨       Coach, Coach Trainer and Mentor and Consultant

Lisanne Thomas, PCC, NBC-HWC

ADHD ✨ Life ✨ Health + Wellness ✨ Solution-Focused Brief✨ Coach, Coach Trainer and Mentor and Consultant

Meet Lisanne Thomas, PCC, NBC-HWC, PCAC, CSFC, ACCG Creative, compassionate, smart, funny (so they say)! An experienced and effective coach who combines all of her experience to deliver coaching from an inclusive wide-angle lens to bring what actually matters into focus to take action on. Lisanne holds a bunch of certifications as a result of her love of learning, (and her passion for the art and science of coaching, health, and ADHD) and because she cares deeply about the trust and safety (and success) of her clients. Lisanne has a proven track record in delivering effective coaching solutions to people of all ages, and genders, with a wide variety of lifestyles and living circumstances supporting their health, education, career, relationship, family, performance goals, and best hopes.

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"Lisanne patiently and persistently kept me focused on my goals, and taking small steps to move toward them. Her insistence on keeping my values front and center throughout our coaching engagement helped me manage my life and all of my activities around and through those values. This proved invaluable to me as it became crystal clear that working through my values in all aspects of my life ensures I am true to myself. This foundation enabled me to truly focus on living and operating with genuine intention and integrity with myself. Lisanne also put in a crazy amount of effort on an organizing tool that has enabled me to manage my personal and work life seamlessly and simply. Could not have done it without her. She was also flexible with her time when I needed it, which was a Godsend. Working with Lisanne provided me the foundation and toolset I needed to move forward. "

JoAnne L., Castro Valley, CA, US

"Lisanne's superpowers are her intuitiveness, creativity, and compassion. That makes her a wonderful coach for a process that can at times make you feel quite vulnerable and uncertain."

John O.

Freely given endorsement/PSA!!! Been working with this amazing woman since May. No words adequate to describe the awakening I have had in our work/play together. A joyful journey of co-creation! Magical.

Pam D.

Working with Lisanne is an opportunity you can not pass up. Beyond her nutritional expertise, she brings direction, energy, and encouragement to your overall journey in health and wellness. Her availability and willingness to walk beside you on your journey is a special gift.

Jennifer L.

"Lisanne, I have found you to be far and away the most effective health coach I've had... Effective, because I have the clear sense you are here for me wherever I am in my journey. You have a gift of deep listening and quickly grabbing the most cogent-at-the-moment point and reflecting it back. In our meetings you have expressed deep kindness and concern, and re-routed a lot of my grief and fear of failure into practicable actions I can try--or not try as I wish. What I get is honest care that meets me where I am at this moment. It is a gift and you clearly are doing what you love to do in this world. Brava!

Katrina H.

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